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We've been Captured Wishes all along but also Chic and Unique Gift Ideas! We felt it would be better for all our Clients if we had one simple name, so - Captured Wishes it is!

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Looking for chic and unique gift ideas?

You are facing quite a challenge - The problems with gift giving:

* It can be truly difficult to express your feelings for that one special  person you're on a mission to get a gift for,

* It's seems nearly impossible to choose something you hope will become a prized keepsake and held in awe, and

* What do you give in a world where it appears everybody has everything?

What does a Gift Actually Represent?

Before we talk about a solution to this gift-giving problem, I'd like to examine what a gift actually represents.

The act of giving a gift is born from a moment of inspiration.

We all want to elevate and strengthen the bonds we have with each other. Giving gifts solves this desire.

Because of the connections we have with the people in our lives, be they acquaintances, friends, loves, or family, the giving of gifts is actually emotional transactions between individuals.

Yet, a gift given from one person to another says more than just "I thought of you." It is a physical expression of a wish.

Wish Fulfilled Creations Just for You - Give a Gift of Wishful Intentions

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A Gift is a Wish

Think about that for a moment. No matter what the physical item you choose for a gift is, it's really about wishes.

You're wishing the person a happy birthday, wishing them good luck in the new year ahead, wishing them a speedy recovery from illness, wishing them success in their career or wishing them the best in their decision to start a family.

There are almost as many wishes as there are occasions and people. Here are some examples of reasons to send somebody your wishes:

None of this makes your job of selecting the perfect wish any easier...

Birthday Wishes

Graduation Wishes

Engagement Wishes

Sympathy Wishes

Wedding Wishes

Baby Shower Wishes

Get Well

Friendship Wishes

Good Luck Wishes

Retirement Wishes

Anniversary Wishes

Wearable Wishes

Give the Gift of Captured Wishes

What if somebody could capture your wishes for you?

Express the exact sentiment you have been struggling to?

Put your feelings into a physical expression, and craft the perfect words to match?

The chic and unique gift ideas by Captured Wishes do just that.

Each and every Captured Wishes creation is a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creation that sets itself apart from all other gifts and fashions quite easily into a memory-making keepsake.

Our Captured Wishes are tiny glass bottles filled with "magic dust" that is gathered in layers of brilliantly colored holographic glitters that symbolize your wish thoughts and life around us.

With the addition of gold, silver, or bronze charms specific to a particular wish that are attached to stylish heart-link chain, these vessels appear to come to life as they seem to give off an aura of 'wishes do come true'. Then each is complete with a verse that matches the theme and occasion of your wishes. All in one great little package.

The Captured Wish is then securely prepared and shipped directly to you.You'll be surprised at its style and elegance, yet quietened by awe how something as simple as a captured wish can carry such a HUGE message in such a tiny vessel.

Chic and Unique Gift Ideas

There is nothing like this anywhere else.

Without exception, people who receive a Captured Wishes creation are delighted and filled with wonder. They have never seen anything like it.

Everybody wants to know where it came from, because they immediately think of a long list of people who they'd like to send their own Captured Wishes to!

The next time you have a Wish (or two) to share with somebody, choose the chic and unique gift ideas from Captured Wishes.

No matter what the occasion, the chic and unique gift ideas created by Captured Wishes will enchant your gift recipient. As a stand-alone gift or as the finishing touch to that special something you've decided to give, a Captured Wishes masterpiece given by you is your perfect gift.

Once resting in the palm of one's hand, there's no denying a big hit from the reaction of those who have the pleasure of receiving it.

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