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June/July 2020

Summer is upon us! Oh, how I's been quite the wait... because, woot, I thrive, I mean, how I do love SUMMER!  Yay! Splash! SUN!

Where I live, the days are finally longer. It's almost like the night sky hibernates until autumn and the best growing of all things takes place following the summer solstice. O.H.S.U.M.M.E.R!  Too, I always am reminded just how Read more...

May 2020

What to do, what to do.  Covid-19 is still present in our lives but parts of the country we live in are opening, restoring, rebooting to try to get back to the days of normal. 
Normal. Such an odd word right now. Where you live, what is the tone of your neighborhood? How many Read more...

April 2020

I imagine many of us have been unwittingly honing our spidey senses to any mention anywhere about Covid19. How could we not? It's ominous power locally, nationally and globally intersects and connects us on a daily basis.
Physically and Socially distancing ourselves to save the world, we are tightly waiting. Waiting for this pandemic to ... Read more....

March 2020

The global pandemic Covid-19 has completely perplexed humanity. Our world as we have known it no longer runs on normal. Things are changing so quickly now.  This Coronavirus has created complexities that we will have to constantly reassess.... Read more..

February 2020

......Checking deeper into the National Day Calendar I discovered the month of LOvE has yet another day which really should get better notice:  February 20, I Love My Pet Day...... Read about the Crazy Cat Lady and more here

January 2020

This is where I am stronger than my excuses.

A daily walk is necessary for not only my dogs’ constitution, but I realize it is for my essence; I know I am better for it, physically and mentally. Big time. My head clears, my muscles start liking me, I start to Read more here

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