Owning a Pet is a great and appealing world

Various Pets to Love

Owning a Pet is a great and appealing world. Who can resist wanting a tiny baby pet?

Wishing you had a pet or trying to decide if you want a pet – cat, dog or any 2 or 4-legged creature winged or otherwise?

Ask any pet owner. Rather, just give a pet owner a minute and they’ll immediately flutter on proudly to tell you all about their love of their life, their pet, so much so you’ll stop wishing because the next thing you know you’ll be bringing home your very own new family member.

Owning a pet is an appealing notion. And I’ve got some experience.  I’ve owned cats, dogs, chickens (yes, mine was named Pinky and she was a Silkie who hatched out two sets of chicks every year just because she could), geese, budgies, and finches. They all have and hold a special place in my heart, a special charm, enchantment and fascination. 

What is it about pets that draws us to them, where we open our lives to nurture and shelter them at any cost? What IS their attractiveness? Why are pets so APPEALING?  I looked at the word itself and it easily lends itself to descriptions that are definitely great reasons to owning a pet.

Here you go:

A is for AFFECTION. You instantly have so much of it to give to your pet and when you give it, you just get it back. The fondness, the gentle feeling of natural love is never questioned by your pet.

P is for PLAY. Even if they decide how they are going to interact with you, your pet will never refuse to have fun with you. How you play with each other is your special bond that makes you feel you belong to each other.

P is also for PRESENT. Spending time with your pet is all about how to BE. Here. Now.  Pets don’t think about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow. They remind you that the moment to be in is right now. Just the simple act of petting a creature can lower your blood pressure and help you relax. What a gift! What a great way to ease stress. And pets never judge you.

E is for EMPATHY. Learning to tune in to an animal's feelings of wanting attention, love, food, and companionship teaches us respect and responsibility which can boost our self esteem.  Our emotions are more freely accepted by our pets. When you love them simply because you love them, well, they will just simply love you in return. Animals are equally, if not more so, responsive to love and tenderness because of their lack of egos.

A is for ACTIVE. Our pets keep us busy. While we are concerned with daily activities to keep them healthy and in best form (even if it means getting up off the couch 200 times a day to give them effective care), the side effect is we end up in better shape – physically and mentally because we are focused on their care and seeing what is really real.

L is for LOVE. It is unconditional. Even If you think you don’t have room in your heart, you’ll soon discover pets only ADD more love. They never take it away because they are always listening for you, waiting to reciprocate.

I is for INTIMACY.  You can absolutely be who you truly are with your pet. And you can have confidential conversations that will never be shared, ever.

N is for NON-JUDGMENTAL. Your pet doesn’t have to let go of judgment because they cannot be critical of a large number of things we do as people. They just have a higher tolerance because they have basic life demands of eat, sleep, and play that are the only priority.


G is for GOODNESS that comes from friendship and connection that is between you and your pet.  

So. How appealing is the life of owning a pet?

It is so hard to measure because it’s two species who develop a bond by sharing equal rights in a home life and demonstrate constant compassion towards each other which inevitably gives rise to happier, warmer and more contented souls who inhabit the Earth.

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