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My name is Marlene Massam, and I am about Captured Wishes. I am Canadian born and was raised in northern Alberta, and after uprooting and moving extensively for 20 years, we finally (my husband, son and daughter) settled just 7 miles from where I grew up. There is no place like home.
I officially have a diploma in Advertising and Public Relations - I've worked at a newspaper, a couple of magazines, a few public relations departments and have always had a keen interest in marketing and entrepreneurship.

Why Captured Wishes?

I am drawn to sparkly, colorful and unusually imaginative ideas; I have always carried a creative torch in me that has never been or could ever be extinguished, even while raising a family and working at every job under the sun that was deemed necessary to carry on with life; the experience I gained and the wisdom I gathered - because of all the people and individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting - has helped to turn me into me.

I've weathered a few storms, but I've also celebrated life. In each Captured Wish Vessel I create, each has its roots from my own life.
I discovered long ago that each one of us loves to be loved, to be recognized for who we truly are. We all deserve to be treated as unique and special; that we should personally express to each other often how grateful we are to have each other in our lives - whether it be for a moment or a lifetime.

We need to gift each other and celebrate the people in our lives who are IN OUR LIVES. Because we are so undeniably intertwined in each of our own life's journeys.
And basically, we all hold the same feelings about one another. The heart can be such a big place and hold so much, but sharing it and getting it out is where the reward lies.
Every person in our lives becomes part of our story and that needs to be acknowledged. The compassion and empathy I have is really about desiring for those I care about the best circumstances and so much more from my heart.

But how to do that? How could I share the big feelings in my heart - what could impart the huge, wonderful, tremendous emotions without filling a room but filling something bigger; someone else's heart?

Capturing Your Wish For That Special Someone
(It's about captured wishes)

This is what Captured Wishes is all about!

Quinn and her Mom stopped in for a visit while I was at a show with my wishes.
Doesn't get any better than this!!

Smile says it all

Learning about Wishes

Focused on the Magic


Let me Try it!

Ta Da!!


Yes indeedy - total concentration

Wishing. At most times it seems magical and fantastical, but we have all wished at some time or another, whether we are 5 or 95.
Could thoughts of hope, desire, longing and good intention be transformed from something perceived emotionally to a tangible, physical form that could be felt and given?
Wishes. THAT'S IT! Capture them!   So with a bit of study (actually extensive studying) on color and symbolism and a whole lot of creative integrity to get it right (this is where the sparkly enters into the combination), what you see in this site today is that reality.

And it all started from some things that look like this:

turquoise colored glitter spilled out
aqua - list of symbolic meanings of the color aqua

So I now share my own way of  gift giving by creating and talking about Captured Wishes with you...

I design and hand-make wishful-filled creations that speak for your heart. Life is full of color,  color is full of symbolism and there's plenty of  glitter out there to help make our hearts shine!

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