Get Well Wishes

Get well wishes can be really welcome. Being sick is not much fun. Seeing your friends or family members in pain is just as bad.

little girl with pigtails using a stethoscope on a teddy bear

You wish you could do something to make them feel better. Even if you could just put a little smile on their face.

Get Well Wishes verse card with rainbow colors in a tiny little bottle with themed charms attached

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What can you do to make your friend feel better? You could bring them magazines, word puzzles or books. Anything to make the time pass a little more quickly, something that takes their mind off their illness and woes.

Or you could spend extra time talking with them. Everything you say and do shows your friend how much you care. Shows how much you wish them a speedy recovery and return to good health.

Do Something REALLY Special

But what if you could give them something really special? Something no one else thought of? A get well gift specially hand crafted just for them?

Something that is a constant, steadfast reminder that encourages them to get well and stay well. Something that truly shows them they are cared about and thought about a great deal.

Handmade gifts from the heart are always the best gifts. It shows the receiver that you spent extra time and effort choosing just the right gift, something that really expresses how you feel.

A handcrafted gift specially designed is what is called for. Gifts such as these are personal and touching and heartwarming. For years, maybe even for the rest of a lifetime a gift such as this is dearly cherished.

When you take the time to select a gift like this, a part of you blends with it to remain forever, holding your caring and compassion.

Captured Wishes to the Rescue

The problem now is, where can you find such a gift?

What in the world can be so special? How can you find a gift that says what you feel?

What if someone found a way? What if someone could actually create the perfect gift that expresses all of the sentiments you have been trying to relate?

Chic and unique creations from Captured Wishes have done just that.

They have taken the wishes you want to express and expertly packaged them into an ultra cool little gift. Each special Captured Wishes gift comes with a written verse to match the occasion and thoughts you are trying to express.

What are Captured Wishes get well wishes? It is a unique gift designed just for your needs. The little bottle is filled with layers of colored magic dust. Life is full of color and color is full of symbolism. Each color represents your wishes, telling a story of how much you care about their well-being.

Together We can Make a Difference Cancer wish vessel closeup

Make a Difference is the call to arms for anyone who is facing the trauma of cancer.

This vessel is not only about getting well wishes, it's about the success story towards ending cancer.

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Give them smiles and a warmed heart with
Get Well Wishes Unlike Any Others You've Seen

For an extra special touch, each Get Well Wishes gift is topped off with unique charms and signature heart-shaped link chain to make for a complete heart-filled package.

Your gift is packaged securely to make sure it arrives safe and sound right to your door. The minute your ill friend sees this magical little glass bottle he will be thrilled from head to toe. Instantly he will begin to feel better. There is so much power is simple wishes!

Give the gift of love and happiness. Give a chic and unique Get Well Wishes gift.

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