Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes That Are Unique

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

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Searching for unique happy wedding anniversary wishes? Want to gift something that’s quite unique, so unique it will be cherished for years?

When someone celebrates their 10th, 20th, 50th anniversary or even a 7th, how do you show them you are thinking about them as they celebrate an additional year of togetherness? What can you give the couple you care about something that is uniquely a gift from you that tells its own story?

Articulating wishes to people can be difficult if you are not good with words. However, you can change this task into a loving gesture with the help of marriage wishes in the form of colorful holographic glitters layered beautifully in small glass wishing vessels. You can help capture the rich history of a couple’s life simply by giving them wishes, blessings if you will, that are reserved for them for future years of wedded bliss or togetherness.

These "wishes" are beautifully packaged into a cute and tiny glass vessel that is filled with layers of brilliantly colored holographic wishing dust. Each color, or "wish", symbolizes life around us.

This little bottle is also adorned with beautifully themed charms attached to heart-shaped link chain.

And to complete this palm-sized package there is a message card where the words and sentiments are those you exactly want to express, describing in great prose what the magical layers mean.

Thoughts on Unique Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary Wishes

Unless it is customary to give a traditional gift , by all means, you can give anniversary couple a new deepfreeze on their 4th anniversary. It’s a modern electrical appliance. It’s a HUGE practical keepsake the couple will appreciate for years, but it might not stir up warm fuzzy love-you feelings like a Captured Wish vessel would – the fun of the occasion where they could celebrate with wine and wishes *palm*!PooF*ed to the universe of all good things, while at a later date the little wish vessel will still hold its sparkle and special meaning while it sits on display, adorned with charms representing books, flowers and blue green glitter wishing balance and growth – all these are full of symbolism for that 4th anniversary.

For some couples it may just be the 11 anniversary or the 15th. The traditional gift chart originally has a flower and gift associated with each anniversary. Updated for modern times there are more choices that lend themselves to wish gifting. Thusly, while trying to avoid giving a clock or paper for the 1st anniversary, why not let Captured Wishes create a wish vessel celebrating their 1st year of time together by attaching a clock charm? The possibilities are as myriad as the themes for each year.

At Captured Wishes, the art of custom-made wishing is ready for your desire to give gifts that help record the rich history of the couple. Your thoughtful gift of unique anniversary wishes will remain in their hearts throughout the years.

The Perfect Sentiment for Your Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Captured Wishes are the perfect choice for unique anniversary wishes that you can give; the couple you care so much about is reminded that they have someone special in their life that cherishes them for all that they are.

Most couples love to receive these keepsakes, because they serve as a reminder of the special day. Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes are just the right size. Hanging in the window to catch the sunlight or displayed in a special spot on the bureau, these beautiful layers of colored wishes will pleasantly remind them of the time that’s passed and the future full of promise. This is a heartwarming way to bring joy to someone’s life and to help them continue to look forward to the years ahead.

With Captured Wishes, you also don’t have to come up with the perfect thing to say. These wishful-filled creations can do that for you. They showcase the thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding the day and provide a powerful look at the way you view them.

As you can see, you can say and have so much reflected in your Captured Wishes. Find the one that speaks true of your soul and embrace all they have to offer!

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Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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