Darned Loud (My Best) Friend: a Great Choice of Personalized Friendship Gifts!

The search for personalized friendship gifts is not an easy one. It can be darned hard to put friendship into words because after all is said and done,  what DOES your BFF mean to you?

If your relationship with your best friend is anything like ours, then you can get pretty darned loud when you're together! That's what inspired Darned Loud (My Best) Friend from Captured Wishes.

Personalize it too!

Complete With Verse Card and Color Explanation

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Friends come and friends go -- but BEST friends are for life! So when you really what to sum up exactly what that friend means to you, it can be quite the quest to find the perfect gift.

Here's the trick. Captured Wishes has the answer and has created the perfect personalized gift to give to your favorite friend in all the world!

Fairy Dust Color Key:

Hope – opal
Friendship – amethyst
Laughter – orange
Joy – lemon
Love – rose red

If you think your BFF is pretty darned loud when you're having fun together, wait until you hear their reaction upon opening this amazing gift. They will scream and give you the biggest hug EVER!

Our company's philosophy is based on helping you to make your loved ones understand just how you feel. Leave your BFF in no doubt about how special they are to you with this all-in-one, unique and pretty gift idea.

About this Personalized Friendship Gift Captured Wish

Darned Loud (My Best) Friend comes enclosed in a Chinese coin purse for added luck. (Purse measures 70mm x 45mm.)

Each Captured Wish vessel comes in beautiful custom packaging with a lovely verse card which puts the thoughts and emotions you have trouble expressing into words for you.

The wish vessel  (25mm height including cork x 30mm wide) contains carefully layered Fairy Dust, explained right in the verse on the card.

Your BFF can hang their gift in a window or any place they deem special and get inspired by its beauty every day as they are reminded just how much they mean to you.
This is a complete package - so personal, yet so easy. Arrives with verse card, gift box, and the wish vessel. Ready to gift!

About Our Products

Our wishing vessels are assembled in Canada - our aim is to create the most unique product on the market today, and to that end we look far and wide for the perfect piece or component to finish each creation. We take the time to make certain that every product we create is one of a kind and unlike any other gifts you will find.

Our belief it that each piece of art should have elements incorporated into it so they have a personalized feeling, rather than being mass produced. Due to the nature of these gifts, you should also expect no two items to be perfectly identical.

Our suppliers are sourced from different areas of the world (England, China, Switzerland, United States, India, to name a few), so a product we offer today just may not be available the next time you visit our site... but we'll always have something exciting and new to surprise you!

Lasting Beauty

We also take extra care with our wishes, especially the charms that go with them - the pewter charms are given an extra protective coating of lacquer to ensure they continue to keep their sheen and magical glow for an extended life of visual pleasure. So different, so unique, our wish vessels have staying power!

Wishful-filled creations that speak for your heart made with lasting beauty. That's Captured Wishes!

It's worth it to take the time to keep coming back to our site...we change things up when we can, always aiming for surprise. Thanks for keeping us in mind!

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