Personalized Keepsakes for Special Memories

Personalized Keepsakes for Special Memories

When a special moment in life comes up, what do we do? We celebrate of course! We honor the moment! And personalized keepsakes from Captured Wishes will preserve the moment!

A wish by any other name is still a wish. So give Captured Wishes.This is a very special and unique way to show someone you really care and that you put a lot of thought into the gift that you’ll be giving them.

Personalized keepsakes also help your gift to stand apart from others. If you don't want your gift to be 'just another gift' then you need to give Captured Wishes keepsakes.

Think Directly About Your Recipient

Captured Wishes can be tailored to interests that are unique. You may find you now have one less decision to make on how to celebrate your friends or family’s special memories.

A personalized gift is a wonderful way to transform an ordinary present into a keepsake that will be treasured for many years. When you add some type of personalization it makes any occasion more memorable and makes the gift become more connected to the recipient.Thusly, they become more connected to you.

Keepsakes like Captured Wishes are wonderful reminders of a person, place and time and they gain meaning through their association with each of these. The emotional value of a personalized keepsake – how it touches the heart, how it embraces thoughts….how it enhances memory, is that which carves itself into personal stories to endure and remain.

Certainly your intended recipient will be happy that you have remembered them, and they are sure to appreciate any present. However, when they see that it was you who took the extra time to give a gift as unique as they are, it does make a difference to them. When you put a name, initials or date on a particular object, this item changes and transforms into a gift enamored with personal significance. It grants you the precious opportunity of going back in time to recall important events and people in your life.

Captured Wishes takes your deepest wishes and turns them into something uniquely real and then lovingly presents them in colorful layers in super cute little glass vessels. Wishes are each represented by different colors of pixie dust -- "magically" charged holographic glitters - which symbolize emotions and energies of the world around us.

Do you want to send wishes of love? Hope? Prosperity? Laughter? Health, wealth and wisdom? All of the above?

Any wishes, all wishes you might possibly think of to send, can be carefully layered into unique and chic Captured Wishes gifts.

And the recipient can wish upon this magical vessel as well. Not only are wishes captured in this cute little vessel/bottle, but your loved one can take these wishes - your wishes - and make a wish on their own.

The magical pixie dust, decorative attachments and themed charms that come with every unique gift will perfectly express your love and sentiments better than anything imagined.

Every time the special people in your life look at this personalized keepsake you've given them and hold it in their hands, they will be reminded you.

Personalized Keepsakes for Any Occasion

You can select Captured Wishes that celebrate friendship.

You can give Captured Wishes “just because”. There is a whole lot of intrigue attached to the idea of being able to magically *palm*PooF!* thoughts and desires to all things good in the universe.

The birth of a child is undeniably an incredible moment in life. With Captured Wishes personalized keepsakes, we can design a vessel to give them wishes for a lifetime. There are an unlimited number of emotional wish possibilities and each can be crafted and personalized to fit the new parents and their new bundle of joy.

Graduation is another important time in a person’s life. What better way to show that special someone how proud you are of them then to give them a personalized keepsake to reflect on for years to come.

The list goes on. Good Luck Wishes. Thank You Wishes. Housewarming Wishes. Engagement, Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries. Etc., etc, etc.

And on a more somber note, Captured Wishes also has personalized keepsakes designed for the reality of sadness that life sometimes brings us. Sympathy wishes which comfort those who are grieving the loss of a loved one also have their place. Consoling the heart and sharing the tears, our sympathy gifts assist in the mourning process so necessary in the healing journey.

Create A Memory!

The truth is, there doesn’t have to be a traditional or regular occasion when giving personalized mementos, because Captured Wishes keepsakes are available for all special memories. Wishing enables us to transcend our limitations and step away from being mediocre! The more you choose to use Captured Wishes for your gift giving, the more you’ll discover just how many occasions and how many personalized keepsakes are possible!

The best part about giving captured wishes is that not only will your loved ones remember what you said (because this keepsake says it all for you), but each time they look at it or hold it once again in the palm of their hand, the magical qualities will help return them to how you made them feel. Such a small gift that gives rise to such huge feels!

You are then a part of a story; the greatest feeling is to be part of someone’s life story.

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Capture YOUR Wish!

Whatever the wish you want to give to the person you care about, you can find it in our Captured Wishes store. Our collection is growing every day.

We make each of our chic and unique gift ideas by hand, so no two are truly the same. Whatever the occasion, there's a Captured Wish for you.

Check them out today. Visit our STORE now.

Capture YOUR Wish!

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