Unique Baby Shower Gifts: A Newborn

It's a Girl! charm attached to a wish bottle themed in colors for a newborn baby girl

Coming up with unique baby shower gifts is quite a challenge. Baby showers fill your mind with all of the cute little baby items you can buy for the new baby. Most baby shower gifts are all the same.

There are so many things the new mom will need for her baby and all of the guests know this. It is not uncommon for the mother to be to get ten of everything.

Of course, she will need ten of everything and will be very pleased to get anything you choose to give, but you want to give something different.

New moms appreciate all gifts. Every little thing she receives at the shower is one less thing she has to buy herself.

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Get Something Special

In addition to giving her things that she needs, many of us also like to give something extra special. You might add a stuffed dolly in with the package of undershirts. Or maybe a cute pair of booties to go with the baby outfit.

A cute little something extra that will make her smile when she opens your gift and a little extra bonus for the baby.

Even the most plain gift becomes extra special when you add that extra special touch. But, no gift is as special as one topped off with an ultra cute baby shower wishes gift.

What is a baby shower wishes gift? It is the ultimate expression of love. It is a small glass bottle filled with pixie dust representing all of the wonderful things you wish for Mama and her new baby.

When it comes to unique baby shower gifts, a baby shower wishes gift tops the list.

Captured Wishes Are Hand-Made

Special wishes gifts from Captured Wishes are not mass produced. Your magical bottle is packed just for you, with the perfect wishes, charms, and verse designed for the new baby and new mother in mind.

Each layer is placed lovingly into the bottle. All the love you feel in your heart is captured in your special gift.

Your unique and chic gift is then topped off with theme charms and carefully packaged for safe delivery. A special verse is included that the new mom can read that celebrates the addition of this new life; a verse that shows you understand what having a new baby is all about.

We can also create custom wishes - this one below made especially for the great expectation of TWINS!

miniature shoe captured in a tiny bottle themed for a newborn baby boy

Capture YOUR Wish!

Whatever the wish you want to give to the person you care about, you can find it in our Captured Wishes store. Our collection is growing every day.

We make each of our chic and unique gift ideas by hand, so no two are truly the same.

Whatever the occasion, there's a Captured Wish for you.

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A Forever Wish

Unlike many baby shower gifts, a chic and unique gift from Captured Wishes lasts forever. The magic will live on long after the baby is grown.

And this precious gift is more for the mother than the baby. Most shower gifts are for the mother in a way. They are items she will need to care for the baby. But a chic and unique Captured Wishes gift is just for her to enjoy all on her own.

Of course, she may choose to give it to the baby when she gets older and understands what it means. But, in the meantime the new mom can make wishes or just admire the beautiful little gift that says so much.

When you give unique baby shower gifts from Captured Wishes, you are giving a gift of true love and health and happiness for the future.

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