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Looking for unique gift ideas?

Unique gift ideas. We all want to give something special, Something unique the receiver doesn't already have ten of and something that will be truly appreciated.

Of course, we can all say some people are harder to buy for than others. Moms, for example are much easier to buy for than Dads. In fact, all guys for that matter, seem to have everything they want and everything they can possibly need because they simply go out and buy it ...so it becomes a bit difficult to give them a gift that stands out and makes them say "WOW, thank YOU for this great gift!".

Four little wish bottles with layers of pixie dust

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For every person out there on your list, there are things you can buy them to give as gifts. Our world is small when it comes to shopping and acquiring an item that is wanted, desired or needed by the recipient is SO easy, especially with online buying power.

However, sometimes when you think of that someone special, you start to think about what you could give them that holds more meaning.

When you think about gifts, do you ever stop to think about what a gift really is?

What is a gift?

You are thinking that is dumb question. A gift is something you give to the person you care about to help celebrate a special occasion.

You give a birthday gift to wish someone a happy birthday.

You give a graduation gift to congratulate someone for successfully completing high school or college and to wish them the best for the future.

You give an anniversary gift to wish the happy couple many more happy years together.

You give a unique baby shower gift to wish a new mother a healthy baby and all the joys of motherhood.

Do you see a trend forming? Do you notice that with every gift and for every occasion you are wishing something?

That's right. A gift is a wish. Plus a variety of other things.

A gift is a PHYSICAL expression of your love. A symbol of your deep feelings. But, most of all, it is a wish for all things good and positive in a world enriched, warm, and enlightened with a bright future.

Now you are wondering... What kind of gift can express your deep feelings of love? What gift can show the person you care so much for how much you actually do care?

The answer is a special, unique and chic gift from Captured Wishes.

Captured Wishes creates the ultimate, one of a kind gift.

uniquely decorated mini bottle filled with colorful layers and adorned with hope and wish charms

What is a Captured Wishes gift?

Captured Wishes takes your deepest wishes and turns them into something real and lovingly layers them into super cute little glass vessels. Wishes are each represented by different colors of pixie dust -- "magically" charged holographic glitters which symbolize emotions and energies of the world around us.

Do you want to send wishes of love? Hope? Prosperity? Laughter? Health? All of the above?

Any wishes, all wishes you might possibly think of to send can be carefully layered into unique and chic Captured Wishes gifts.

And the recipient can wish upon this magical vessel as well. Not only are wishes captured in this ultra cute bottle, but your loved one can take these wishes - your wishes - and make a wish of their own.

The magical pixie dust, decorative attachments and themed charms that come with every unique gift will perfectly express your love and sentiments better than anything imagined.

Every time the special people in your life look at this ultra special gift you've given them and hold it in their hands, they will be reminded of how much you care.

Coming up with unique gift ideas is never a problem when you know where to look. Look to Captured Wishes and all of your gift giving problems will be solved – for any occasion, any gender and any age.

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assortment of different styles of Captured Wishes verse cards and wish vessels








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