Unique Housewarming Gifts

Looking for unique housewarming gifts?

You want to wish your friends good luck and happiness in their new home, but you also want something to signify how important these people are to you, how much they matter. You want to give them a housewarming gift like no other, something that truly represents the relationship you have with them, especially your excitement for them as they settle in their new place called Home.

Whether they are moving into a house, changing rent or even setting off to live in a travel trailer for 6 months of the year, you still want to bless their new home with love and warm wishes.

housewarming wish vessel sitting atop a unique shaped verse card tells story of the wish colors in the mini bottle

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An Expression of Your Feelings

You want a gift that expresses what you feel about the people, or person you are giving the gift to and something you know they will appreciate. And because you are who you are, you also want to think of unique housewarming gifts that are pretty chic and unique just like your friends and you who welcome the all-embracing trendy things of today.

Even though they may already have every household appliance and kitchen gadget imaginable, they may have secret desires for (and there is always room for) a few decorative items for the living room or dining room. Maybe even for the garden or patio. But you might want to go a little farther in your thinking.

There are always good and practical gifts your friends are sure to appreciate, but items such as these don't really express your hopes for all the future happiness that will alight upon their lives.

There is only one gift that can really do that. One unique gift that comes straight from the heart and shows your friends how much you really care.

And there is only one place to find this chic and unique house warming gift, and that is at Captured Wishes.

Enhance the "WARM" with Unique Housewarming Gifts

Closeup of housewarming wish vessel with home sweet home charm that has a miniature key attached

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About Captured Wishes

Captured Wishes has created a gift like none other. Each Captured Wishes gift is created with you in mind… a gift giver who contemplates, deliberates, and searches relentlessly for the perfect and most meaningful gifts for all the special people in their lives– gifts that create memories with memories.

What is a Captured Wishes gift?

It is a cute little bottle filled with your wishes – heartfelt hopeful thoughts transformed into something physical by using pixie dust holographic glitters infused with the power of desire, faith and belief. They are captured and every wish that could ever be wished is represented by different colored pixie dust – so beautiful - the manner in which they are presented makes them appear magically charged with energy.

Colors like yellow for joy, green for luck, red for love or white for new beginnings. So many colors, so many wishes. These wishes are carefully layered in a clear glass wishing vessel to create an amazing finished product.

A Verse From the Heart

Each Captured Wishes creation is a tiny work of art, adorned with such added touches as heart link chain, distinctive silver, pewter or bronze charms or other specifically decorative embellishments to create an aura of affection for the recipient. Your special gift also comes with a heart-felt verse. So alluring, your friends will want to believe the wishes you have for them will come true.

Captured Wishes. Ready to Gift banner with assortment of different styles of wish vessels with brilliant colorful wish layers

You can give a magical Captured Wishes gift on its own or add it along with another gift. Your friends will be overjoyed when they see this magical little vessel of wishes. Because who doesn’t wish?

Captured Wishes doesn't just create unique housewarming gifts. You can get a magical bottle of wishes for any occasion. For a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary or to welcome a new baby, nothing expresses your deep feelings of love and good wishes better than these super cute little vessels filled with love.

Capture YOUR Wish!

Whatever the wish you want to give to the person you care about, you can find it in our Captured Wishes store. Our collection is growing every day.

We make each of our chic and unique gift ideas by hand, so no two are truly the same.

Whatever the occasion, there's a Captured Wish for you.

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For unique housewarming gifts that come straight from the heart, think Captured Wishes.

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