Unique Romantic Gifts to Show Your Love

When you love someone, you may want to show your love with unique romantic gifts.

This is true in any relationship:

Unique romantic gifts from Captured Wishes

A man may surprise his love with a dozen roses

A woman may bake a special cake or plan a romantic dinner

A parent may want to give a child a special gift for no reason at all

A child may draw pictures or make special gifts for parents right out of the blue

A teenage boy might carve his girlfriend's name on his binder during class

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Live in the romance of the moment. Romance the idea. A "just because I love you" feeling is always a good time to give someone you love a gift that that helps you share how much you care about them.

No matter how big or small, these gifts are always loved and appreciated – even how simple or how extravagant.

But What to Choose?

It's part of human nature to express our feelings with tokens. Words are fine, but that old adage "Actions speak louder than words" is very true. There are times in every relationship when you feel like giving just a little extra.

Romantic partners are famous for giving each other gifts during the dating part of their relationship. This is usually the best part of dating – the jockeying around of trying to express feelings can result in wondrous displays of emotion proving how much each person likes the other.

Anyone who's been in love will attest to their own stories of how they showed their partner how much romance they were capable of, especially through gifts or actions.

And let not the romance end. Exchanging unique romantic gifts is not a practice reserved just for dating couples.

Married couples too can and should keep their love alive. Exchanging tokens of their affection through the years will not only strengthen their relationship, but their love will only deepen, especially if the gifts they give one another hold true and personal meaning about their love for each other.

Captured Wishes: Chic and Unique Gift Ideas

A gift from the heart is a joy to give and even more of a joy to receive. What type of gift can say what you really feel?

Captured Wishes has come up with the perfect, unique romantic gifts you can give to the love of your life for no special reason but just for the perfect reason.

Unique romantic gifts from Captured Wishes

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Each chic and unique Captured Wishes gift is a chic glass vessel filled with brilliantly layered colors of fairy dust which symbolize the different feelings and wishes you want to express.

Life is full of color and color is full of symbolism; each Wishes gift comes with a special verse that romantically puts your feelings into the words you’ve longingly wished you could express.

Your feelings become a physical gift to hold and use by the one you love when and wherever they want.

This cute bottle is also adorned with special heart-link chain that is anchored by fascinating little charms that help to further express just how much you love your special someone and all the wishes you hold in your heart for them.

Whether you want to send special wedding wishes, birthday greetings, graduation congrats, baby shower wishes, engagement wishes, or express your romantic desires, these ultra cute wishes are the perfect choice for those of us who are forever romantic at heart.

Captured Wishes has just the gifts to help you show how much you care and how happy you are to have this person in your life. What better reason is there?

More Than Words Can Express

Nothing shows how much you care more than a bottle full of love and wishes.

Your gift is securely packaged and shipped safely to your door. The unique style and elegance is certain to bring a smile to the faces of all who see this special gift.

And many will see it, because your special someone will want to show this special little vessel to everyone!

Don't forget to keep a record of where you found these unique romantic gifts, because the friends of your love will certainly insist their significant others give each of them one too!

Or, they may wish to give a special romantic gift to the loves of their lives. Either way, this small token of love is sure to attract a lot of attention.

The best part about magical Captured Wishes gifts is that they are equally suitable for a male or a female, adult or child. They are also perfect as a couple's gift.

As a gift all on its own, or as an additional gift combined with a bunch of flowers or bottle of wine, these unique romantic gifts will be loved and adored by all who are lucky enough to receive them.

Capture YOUR Wish!

Whatever the wish you want to give to the person you care about, you can find it in our Captured Wishes store. Our collection is growing every day.

We make each of our chic and unique gift ideas by hand, so no two are truly the same.

Whatever the occasion, there's a Captured Wish for you.

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