Unique Sympathy Gifts

Unique Sympathy Gifts Show You Share in the Burden of their Grief

Through different eyes and unique sympathy gifts, the burden of grief can be released with the intention of sharing the hurt or feeling of loss. Until we have our own experience with grief, we can't even guess the turmoil one's heart will go through when someone they love dies. And although we can sympathize with them, we still do not know how deep and cutting the loss can be.

Still, our hearts tell us we need to do more to help those who face grief.

Our hearts tell us we need to bear the burden with them by offering something of ourselves to be strong against the sorrow.

Our hearts tell us that as we remain, we need to tell all who live that we too remember the lost loved ones, will remember them always.

Our hearts tell us that we need to give something more than ourselves, something that will show those who are grieving that we honor the occasion of the deceased's passing.Sympathy gift ideas.

Tears of Remembrance is a perfectly crafted sympathy gift idea from Captured Wishes
The Personalized Sympathy Gift Version Allows You to Customize the Wish

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Our hearts tell us. We want to give something as a gesture of assistance, but what sympathy gifts can we give? Remember. We are all so individual in our grief.

No one knows how long we hold onto it to let it go it's course or how quickly we send it away to continue on with our lives. However, by being one in helping to console those who have lost someone dear to them, you can lighten the load with your personal touch in your sympathy gifts. Those who are mourning appreciate it. At times, their hearts can be so heavy; all they need is the support to carry them forward.

Your personal touch should say what you feel in sharing the burden of their death but also have the highest consideration for how they feel. So depending upon how well you know the bereaved, your actions of sympathy, albeit in sympathy gifts, should and will have a great calming and healing effect.

Sometimes you may feel that you want to give more than you already have...

Sympathy gifts. Gifts that promote healing. Memorial gifts that uplift the spirit and bring comfort. What can you give?

What can you give that will keep the memories alive as time passes by? What unique condolence gift idea, what unique sympathy gift will extend your message of caring?

It takes a pretty powerful gift to say all that.

Where can you find such a thing? Does a gift so special even exist?

Captured Wishes Can Help

The only gift of its kind.

When words aren't enough, or you cannot find the right words to say what you really feel, a magical Captured Wishes gift will speak for you.

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These unique sympathy gifts are designed with you in mind. Captured Wishes can lay to rest your search for the condolence gift that expresses for you how saddened hearts can be eased because you share the burden.

Each magical vessel is carefully layered with the condolence wishes you want to send. The magically colored granules inside are truly a symbolic representation of your heart’s wishes to transcend the aloneness of grief to edge towards joy, comfort , healing and deep empathy for your friends or family in this very personal time of need.

A bottle small enough to be wrapped up in the palm of one’s hand, every time this vessel of wishes is looked upon or held, it is a gesture of shared comfort, how much you care.

Nothing can express your deep feelings of love and caring better than unique sympathy gifts that come straight from the heart.

Capture YOUR Wish!

Whatever the wish you want to give to the person you care about, you can find it in our Captured Wishes store. Our collection is growing every day.

We make each of our chic and unique gift ideas by hand, so no two are truly the same.

Whatever the occasion, there's a Captured Wish for you.

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